[ClusterLabs] Antw: How to DRBD + Pacemaker + Samba in Active/Passive Cluster?

Ulrich Windl Ulrich.Windl at rz.uni-regensburg.de
Tue Dec 6 03:09:47 EST 2016

>>> Semion I <(address removed at user request)> schrieb am 05.12.2016 um 10:16 in Nachricht
<7BDD2F4D-7C0A-49B1-B42E-9668BEFBB055 at outlook.de>:
> Hello Everybody,
> How to DRBD + Pacemaker + Samba  in Active/Passive Cluster?
> I have been searching now about many days how to integrate drbd + pacemaker

> and corosync in a two node active/passive cluster (with Service IP)  with 
> SAMBA. And I still don’t unterstand how to to go further after mounting
> filesystem, I want to integrate Samba in the pacemaker process as a service.

> I saw that the main solution to this, is using CTDB, but this seems to be 
> very complex for me. So, do anybody have experience in this combination of 
> topics and can provide me with a Instruction or at least an advice.


Active/passive suggests you want samba on one node (and thus DRBD in
master/slave configuration). CTDB is not complex, but CTDB is an active/active
configuration (AFAIK) and you'd need DRBD in dual-master configuration as well
as a cluster filesystem (for a lock file only, BTW).
CTDB replicates the configuration to the local nodes.


> Regards,
> Simon I

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