[ClusterLabs] Warning: handle_startup_fencing: Blind faith: not fencing unseen nodes

Denis Gribkov dun at itsts.net
Wed Dec 14 12:14:57 EST 2016

Hi Everyone,

Our company have 15-nodes asynchronous cluster without actually 
configured FENCING/STONITH (as I think) features.

The DC node log getting tons of messages like in subject:

pengine:  warning: handle_startup_fencing:  Blind faith: not fencing 
unseen nodes

the message repeated 15 times before next 15 messages:

pengine:     info: determine_online_status: Node Node1 is online


pengine:     info: determine_online_status: Node Node15 is online

The issue looks like similar to:


but with own features.

Our variables:

Oracle Linux Server release 6.8

Pacemaker 1.1.14-8.el6

Corosync Cluster Engine, version '1.4.7'


Cluster Properties:
  cluster-infrastructure: cman
  cluster-recheck-interval: 1
  dc-version: 1.1.14-8.el6-70404b0
  expected-quorum-votes: 3
  have-watchdog: false
  last-lrm-refresh: 1481444797
  maintenance-mode: false
  no-quorum-policy: ignore
  startup-fencing: false
  stonith-enabled: false
  symmetric-cluster: false

Example of /etc/cluster/cluster.conf:

<cluster config_version="96" name="cluster">

     <clusternode name="Node1" nodeid="1">
         <method name="pcmk-redirect">
           <device name="pcmk" port="Node1"/>
       <altname name="Node1.name"/>


     <clusternode name="Node2" nodeid="15">
         <method name="pcmk-redirect">
           <device name="pcmk" port="Node2"/>
       <altname name="Node2.name"/>
   <cman expected_votes="2" two_node="0"/>
     <fencedevice name="pcmk" agent="fence_pcmk"/>
   <logging debug="off"/>

Example of /etc/corosync/corosync.conf:

compatibility: whitetank

totem {
         version: 2
         secauth: on
         threads: 4
         rrp_mode: active

         interface {

                 member {
                         memberaddr: PRIVATE_IP_1


                 member {
                         memberaddr: PRIVATE_IP_15

                 ringnumber: 0
                 bindnetaddr: PRIVATE_NET_ADDR
                 mcastport: 5407
                 ttl: 1

        interface {

                 member {
                         memberaddr: PUBLIC_IP_1

                 member {
                         memberaddr: PUBLIC_IP_15

                 ringnumber: 1
                 bindnetaddr: PUBLIC_NET_ADDR
                 mcastport: 5405
                 ttl: 1

         transport: udpu
logging {
         fileline: off
         to_stderr: no
         to_logfile: yes
         logfile: /var/log/cluster/corosync.log
         logfile_priority: warning
         to_syslog: no
         debug: off
         timestamp: on
         logger_subsys {
            subsys: AMF
            debug: off

Please let me know if you will need any other information.

Thank you.

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