[ClusterLabs] Solved: converting configuration

Gabriele Bulfon gbulfon at sonicle.com
Thu Aug 25 10:56:14 EDT 2016

Thanks, stonithd is running, and I can see it working in the corosync log.
Though it says that my external/ssh-sonicle does not work.
Where do I see a log of these executions?
Maybe there is a problem with the ssh-with-no-password and the certificates.
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Data: 25 agosto 2016 16.27.18 CEST
Oggetto: Re: [ClusterLabs] Solved:  converting configuration
On 2016-08-25 10:24, Gabriele Bulfon wrote:
YESSS!!! That was it! :)))
Upgraded to 1.1.15, rebuilt and the rng files contain a lot more
Packaged, published, installed on the test machine: got all my
instructions as is!!! :)))
...now last steps....making our custom agents/shells work on this new
setup ;)
For example, what does the yellow "stopped" state mean?
Here is the last rows of crm output after my config instructions :
Full list of resources:
xstorage1-stonith (stonith:external/ssh-sonicle): Stopped
xstorage2-stonith (stonith:external/ssh-sonicle): Stopped
I believe you will see this if the cluster is in maintenance mode or
stonith is disabled.  Possibly other reasons, but these I have seen...
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