[ClusterLabs] Fencing with a 3-node (1 for quorum only) cluster

Dan Swartzendruber dswartz at druber.com
Thu Aug 4 18:56:11 EDT 2016

I'm setting up an HA NFS server to serve up storage to a couple of 
vsphere hosts.  I have a virtual IP, and it depends on a ZFS resource 
agent which imports or exports a pool.  So far, with stonith disabled, 
it all works perfectly.  I was dubious about a 2-node solution, so I 
created a 3rd node which runs as a virtual machine on one of the hosts.  
All it is for is quorum.  So, looking at fencing next.  The primary 
server is a poweredge R905, which has DRAC for fencing.  The backup 
storage node is a Supermicro X9-SCL-F (with IPMI).  So I would be using 
the DRAC agent for the former and the ipmilan for the latter?  I was 
reading about location constraints, where you tell each instance of the 
fencing agent not to run on the node that would be getting fenced.  So, 
my first thought was to configure the drac agent and tell it not to 
fence node 1, and configure the ipmilan agent and tell it not to fence 
node 2.  The thing is, there is no agent available for the quorum node.  
Would it make more sense instead to tell the drac agent to only run on 
node 2, and the ipmilan agent to only run on node 1?  Thanks!

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