[ClusterLabs] ClusterLabsdlm reason for leaving the cluster changes when stopping gfs2-utils service

Momcilo Medic fedorauser at fedoraproject.org
Thu Apr 7 11:18:38 EDT 2016

>> At least you've got interactive debugging ability then.  So try to find
>> out why the Corosync membership broke down.  The output of
>> corosync-quorumtool and corosync-cpgtool might help.  Also try pinging
>> the Corosync ring0 addresses between the nodes.

Dear Feri and all,

Just to come with feedback since I've managed to track down this issue.
It was due to Open vSwitch that we have in our environment.
It was not using init v system but Upstart.

I identified that it brought our network interface down as soon as it
hit runlevel 6.

Pinging the ring0 address advice was really spot on.

Kind regards,

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