[ClusterLabs] Parser error with fence_ipmilan

Marek marx Grác mgrac at redhat.com
Fri Sep 18 03:58:32 EDT 2015


On 15 Sep 2015 at 02:41:35, Andrew Beekhof (andrew at beekhof.net) wrote:
>> But now when the cluster wants to stonith a node I get: 
>> fence_ipmilan: Parser error: option -n/--plug is not recognize 
>> fence_ipmilan: Please use '-h' for usage 
>> Is the problem in fence-agents or in pacemaker? 
> Looking at the code producing this, I got it working by adding to my 
> cluster config for my stonith devices 
> port_as_ip=1 port=192.168.xx.xx 
> before I had: 
> lanplus=1 ipaddr=192.168.xx.xx 
> which worked fine before the new version of pacemaker. 
> Now I have: 
> lanplus=1 ipaddr=192.168.xx.xx port_as_ip=1 port=192.168.xx.xx 
> which works. 

I’m glad it works, looks like a regression to me though. 
You shouldn’t need to override the value pacemaker supplies for port if ipaddr is being set. 

Can you comment on this Marek?
This is surely a problem in fence agents. I believe that it was fixed in August in a


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