[ClusterLabs] Parser error with fence_ipmilan

Andrew Beekhof andrew at beekhof.net
Mon Sep 14 20:41:23 EDT 2015

> On 14 Sep 2015, at 7:48 pm, dan <dan.oscarsson at intraphone.com> wrote:
> mån 2015-09-14 klockan 10:02 +0200 skrev dan:
>> Hi
>> To see if my cluster problem go away with a newer version of pacemaker I
>> have now installed pcemaker 1.1.12+git+a9c8177-3ubuntu1 and I had to get
>> 4.0.19-1 (ubuntu) of fence-agents to get a working fence-ipmilan.
>> But now when the cluster wants to stonith a node I get:
>> fence_ipmilan: Parser error: option -n/--plug is not recognize
>> fence_ipmilan: Please use '-h' for usage
>> Is the problem in fence-agents or in pacemaker?
> Looking at the code producing this, I got it working by adding to my
> cluster config for my stonith devices
> port_as_ip=1 port=192.168.xx.xx
> before I had:
> lanplus=1 ipaddr=192.168.xx.xx
> which worked fine before the new version of pacemaker.
> Now I have:
> lanplus=1 ipaddr=192.168.xx.xx port_as_ip=1 port=192.168.xx.xx
> which works.

I’m glad it works, looks like a regression to me though.
You shouldn’t need to override the value pacemaker supplies for port if ipaddr is being set.

Can you comment on this Marek?

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