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Thu Oct 22 11:09:48 EDT 2015

Putting my "general open source HA rep" hat on...

In the last year, we've worked hard to consolidate a plethora of
different HA resource under one "Cluster Labs" umbrella. This was done,
primarily, to help new users to HA find the right place to ask for help.

Cluster Labs itself is a general clearing-house for many independent HA
projects (and companies backing them), and so far, it has worked quite
well. So in the spirit of keeping things central for new users, I would
like to invite the Open Stack HA team to come join us in #clusterlabs
and the Cluster Labs mailing list[1].

Given that this is principally designed to help new users find help,
many projects still maintain development lists for their particular
project. So this request/suggestion is not meant to unseat those
reasources; Simply to centralize things for users.



1. http://clusterlabs.org/mailman/listinfo/users

On 22/10/15 10:44 AM, Adam Spiers wrote:
> Sorry!  It would have helped if I'd used the right address for the
> openstack list in the To: and Reply-To: headers :-/
> Hopefully second time lucky ...
> Adam Spiers <aspiers at suse.com> wrote:
>> [cross-posting to several lists; please trim the recipients list
>> before replying!]
>> Hi all,
>> After discussion with members of the openstack-infra team, I
>> registered new FreeNode IRC channel #openstack-ha.  Discussion on all
>> aspects of OpenStack High Availability is welcome in this channel.
>> Hopefully it will help promote cross-pollination of ideas and maybe
>> even more convergence on upstream solutions.
>> I added it to https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/IRC and also set up the
>> gerritbot to auto-announce activity for the "new"
>> openstack-resource-agents repository which I announced separately
>> yesterday:
>>   http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2015-October/077601.html
>> Still TODO: set up eavesdrop to record channel logs:
>>   https://review.openstack.org/#/c/237341/
>> Cheers,
>> Adam
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