[ClusterLabs] Two-Node OCFS2 cluster keep rebooting each other

Kai Dupke kdupke at suse.com
Thu Jun 11 04:59:15 EDT 2015

On 06/10/2015 07:19 AM, Jonathan Vargas wrote:

> The first layer, Load Balancer; and the third later, Database, are both
> already setup. The Load Balancer cluster uses only an VIP resource, while
> Database cluster uses DRBD+VIP resources. They are on production and work
> fine, test passed :-)

In fact you have 6 nodes. Why not make it a simple three node cluster
and use the remaining 3 nodes for a test system?

If want to stick to a tiered system, you might add NFS to the data base
layer, so the web servers are real load-balanced boxes with no need for
any HA clustering.

However, it does not really change the need for fencing. As said, check
for SBD.

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