[ClusterLabs] Two-Node OCFS2 cluster keep rebooting each other

Kai Dupke kdupke at suse.com
Thu Jun 11 04:51:48 EDT 2015

On 06/10/2015 05:39 AM, Digimer wrote:
>> At the end, this was the way it worked before HA. What do you think?
> If the program(s) can run independently without coordination, you do not
> need HA. If not, you need fencing.

That was my thought as well. If the data is read only, then it should be
OKish to just rsync the data from the source to both nodes.

On the other side, with 2 nodes, shared storage, and one node is enough
to handle you could set up SBD between the nodes, use cLVM to switch the
data volume in case something happens. Means getting rid of the
load-balancer and the OCFS (which I call overhead in this scenario).

However, if you want to have a load-balancer, it has to be HA, too.

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