[ClusterLabs] Start all resources except VIP on both nodes

Ken Gaillot kgaillot at redhat.com
Wed Jun 3 13:35:59 EDT 2015

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> Hi,
> I wonder about a specific configuration.
> I am working on a HA cluster for OpenVPN with two nodes master/slave.
> Following the doc on clusterlabs.org works fine and VIP + OpenVPN are
> migrating when one node shut down.
> But I would like another configuration to "control" my openvpn
> processes, ie: I would like to start OpenVPN process on both nodes at
> boot time.
> I do not want to enable it with systemd, does pacemaker can exploit this
> kind of usage : VIP+OpenVPN on node1 and OpenVPN on node2.
> I would like to do that to ensure that the OpenVPN's configuration works
> fine and is really available before shutdown node1 and that all my
> clients go on node2 which finally does not work.

Yes, you can clone the OpenVPN resource and it will run on both nodes. I don't
remember whether OpenVPN can bind to the wildcard address; you might
have to configure it to restart after the IP moves. For more about clones, see:


Keep in mind that each OpenVPN instance will have separate state files, logs,
etc. Another approach is to put OpenVPN inside a container or virtual machine
using shared storage, and make that highly available instead. That way, all the
files go with the OpenVPN instance.

> I hope my mail is clear. Do not hesitate if you need more details or
> others explanations.
> --
> Emmanuel Le Nohaïc

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