[ClusterLabs] Start all resources except VIP on both nodes

Emmanuel Le Nohaïc manu at lacavernedemanu.fr
Wed Jun 3 12:24:49 EDT 2015


I wonder about a specific configuration.

I am working on a HA cluster for OpenVPN with two nodes master/slave.
Following the doc on clusterlabs.org works fine and VIP + OpenVPN are
migrating when one node shut down.

But I would like another configuration to "control" my openvpn
processes, ie: I would like to start OpenVPN process on both nodes at
boot time.

I do not want to enable it with systemd, does pacemaker can exploit this
kind of usage : VIP+OpenVPN on node1 and OpenVPN on node2.

I would like to do that to ensure that the OpenVPN's configuration works
fine and is really available before shutdown node1 and that all my
clients go on node2 which finally does not work.

I hope my mail is clear. Do not hesitate if you need more details or
others explanations.

Emmanuel Le Nohaïc

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