[ClusterLabs] quickstart guide for ubuntu?

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Thu Jul 30 15:41:10 EDT 2015

On 30/07/15 02:42 PM, Robert Haig wrote:
> I'm looking to add some failover to some openstack services and have
> been told pacemaker/corosync is the way to go.  I'm looking for a nice
> quickstart guide and have found a couple, but am getting failure to
> connect errors.
> Jul 30 18:30:10 vagrant-ubuntu-trusty-64 pacemakerd[28179]:  warning:
> mcp_read_config: Could not connect to Cluster Configuration Database
> API, error 2
> Jul 30 18:30:10 vagrant-ubuntu-trusty-64 pacemakerd[28179]:   notice:
> main: Could not obtain corosync config data, exiting
> If you could point me towards a basics troubleshooting page, or a
> concise quick-start page, I'd appreciate it.
> Thx

Replied in #clusterlabs, but replying here for the record/archives:

15:31 < digimer> evilrob:
15:31 < digimer> that is written and maintained by pacemaker's author
15:31 < digimer> but it's written using pcs, don't think that's
available on ubuntu.
15:32 < evilrob> right.
15:32 < digimer> for HA, I reallly recommend EL or SUSE
15:32 < digimer> the Deb/Ubuntu stuff isn't maintained well
15:32 < digimer> also, use stonith
15:32 < evilrob> my current plan is to play with it in vagrant under centos
15:32 < digimer> don't, and you cluster will eventually fail spectacularly
15:33 < digimer> centos 7 should be fine
15:33 < digimer> that guide says fedora, but it's 1:1
15:37 < evilrob> ok.  if I can make it all happy under centos, I'll try
top sort out the config on ubuntu.  If that doesn't work, I'll just run
a couple of centos boxen for this I guess.
15:38 < digimer> good plan
15:38 < digimer> at least then, you're only dealing with conversion
instead of also learning

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