[ClusterLabs] [OCF] Reviving the OCF OpenCF.org Open cluster framework

Andrew Beekhof andrew at beekhof.net
Thu Feb 12 11:48:04 EST 2015

On my part at least, the intention is that the pacemaker list will be deprecated and eventually made read only. 

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> On 12 Feb 2015, at 4:34 pm, Lars Marowsky-Bree <lmb at suse.com> wrote:
> On 2015-02-12T16:26:31, Andrew Beekhof <andrew at beekhof.net> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I trust you will make the right decisions with regard to the OCF RA
> spec, and I'm happy to see it revived. (Though, frankly, I'm a bit
> flabbergasted that the result of trying to unify stuff was *yet another
> bloody mailing list*. ;-)
> But please drop me from the Cc list, I'm happy to get the mails via the
> lists.
> I'm also happy to have the repo moved from the very very old server that
> is still faithfully hosting it, and the clusterlabs github is a good
> place for it.
>> I would vote for opencf.org to redirect to ClusterLabs.org/{something}
>> Or  {something}.ClusterLabs.org/
> I prefer the second one, since that can be done at the DNS level and I
> don't have to keep the opencfg.org server up just to serve a redirect.
>> @lmb: is there some other content which I did not recognize as relevant?
> No, I think nothing else on opencf.org has been relevant for years ;-)
> Best,
>    Lars
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