[ClusterLabs] Reviving the OCF OpenCF.org Open cluster framework

Lars Ellenberg lars.ellenberg at linbit.com
Tue Feb 10 15:44:40 EST 2015

So we have this opencf.org website.
Which has not been updated in like 14 years.
We also have the "OCF mailing list", see CC,
which has not received much traffic at all during the years.

The domain was transfered into stewardship of LINBIT.

It is currently hosted on one of LMBs boxes if I am not mistaken.

It hosts the "home" and the "standards" page,
referencing a few documents in various formats,
and some notes on workshops that took place in 2001.

It talks about noble goals, and states that "we" [1] are a working
group of the Free Standards Group (of the Linux Foundation).

[1] Quoting the "home" page on "Who We Are":
    We are a group of people who have interests in
    cluster software - both providers and
    consumers of clustering services.
    We have periodic meetings in person, and an ongoing
    conversations via a mailing list.

    So yes, that means: You. Me. All of us
    who consider themselves part of "the group".

It also hosts the CVS of some draft documents,
which afaics fall into three categories:

* trying to establish definitions of specific vocabulary
  what I perceive as a glossary of terms,

* API draft description or even header files


* The OCF Resource Agent API Specification


In 2010, An (as of yet unmodified?) copy of this CVS
has been imported into


What I did now:
create an opencf "organisation" in github OpenCF.github.io
to serve as the backend for "github pages".

I have no experience with github pages at all, so I just used their
"web site generator" to basically just bring over the "home" page
of the current opencf.org.

This was only a playground for now,
I'm happy to drop that organisation again,
make it a sub-project of clusterlabs,
or whatever smart move someone comes up here.

Before I go further and create the DNS records pointing to these
github pages, I wanted to run this by you, all of you.

Which content do we want to just drop?
What do we really want to host under the "OpenCF" tag?

My thoughts right now:

While it is probably a nice idea to have a glossary of terms of
the High Availability - and also the High Performance - Clustering,
or document membership, event, lock, management, monitoring,
logging, resource, group, node, and other services,
I don't see much relevant content there right now.

The one relevant content is the Resource Agents API SPEC.

I suggest that we have an OpenCF/SPECS repository,
which will for now only be populated with

The latter maybe brought over to asciidoc.

(Though of course we can also just clone it as is,
and then drop irrelevant content).

Then we take it from there,
and do the necessary overhaul of this OCF RA API spec.

I will followup with a list of items that need to be addressed
(as I remember them from the discussions we had in Brno).

Once that is done, maybe we leave for the Documentation Teams and
other contributors to fill in the "cluster glossary",
and by documenting our "reference implementation" Pacemaker, also
fill in the various mentioned "membership, event, lock ..." API "specs".

Does that sound reasonable, or am I completely off track?

Anyone willing to define a jekyll "theme/layout", or to provide
some general content for the "opencf.github.io" landing page?

Should I proceed to point www.opencf.org to this instead?

@lmb: is there some other content which I did not recognize as relevant?



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