[ClusterLabs] Pacemaker documentation license clarification

Ferenc Wagner wferi at niif.hu
Sun Dec 13 19:56:49 EST 2015

Ken Gaillot <kgaillot at redhat.com> writes:

> On 12/11/2015 10:07 AM, Ferenc Wagner wrote:
>> [...] the "Legal Notice"
>> section of the generated Publican documentation (for example
>> Pacemaker_Explained/desktop/en-US/index.html) says that the material may
>> only be distributed under GFDL-1.2+.
> This is an artifact of how you're building the documentation. Easy to
> miss given the makefile complexity :)

Especially that I did not study the doc makefiles at all, just issued

> If you look at the generated versions on clusterlabs.org, they have the
> correct license (CC-BY-SA)

That's great.

> However if you do not "make brand" before building the documentation,
> you will get the publican defaults.

Wouldn't --with-brand=clusterlabs also be needed?  Anyway, I can't
really do this because of the sudo step.  But specifying --brand_dir
helps indeed.  Is there any reason not to use the clusterlabs brand
automatically all the time, without installation?  It goes like this:

--- a/doc/Makefile.am
+++ b/doc/Makefile.am
@@ -73,16 +73,20 @@ EXTRA_DIST	= $(docbook:%=%.xml)
 %.html: %.txt
 	$(AM_V_ASCII)$(ASCIIDOC) --unsafe --backend=xhtml11 $<
+# publican-clusterlabs/xsl/html-single.xsl imports that of Publican
+# through this link during the build
+	ln -s /usr/share/publican/xsl "$@"
 CFS_TXT=$(wildcard Clusters_from_Scratch/en-US/*.txt)
 # We have to hardcode the book name
 # With '%' the test for 'newness' fails
-Clusters_from_Scratch.build: $(PNGS) $(wildcard Clusters_from_Scratch/en-US/*.xml) $(CFS_XML)
+Clusters_from_Scratch.build: $(PNGS) $(wildcard Clusters_from_Scratch/en-US/*.xml) $(CFS_XML) ../xsl
 	$(PCMK_V) @echo Building $(@:%.build=%) because of $?
 	rm -rf $(@:%.build=%)/publish/*
-	$(AM_V_PUB)cd $(@:%.build=%) && RPM_BUILD_DIR="" $(PUBLICAN) build --publish --langs=$(DOCBOOK_LANGS) --formats=$(DOCBOOK_FORMATS) $(PCMK_quiet)
+	$(AM_V_PUB)cd $(@:%.build=%) && RPM_BUILD_DIR="" $(PUBLICAN) build --publish --langs=$(DOCBOOK_LANGS) --formats=$(DOCBOOK_FORMATS) $(PCMK_quiet) --brand_dir=../publican-clusterlabs
 	rm -rf $(@:%.build=%)/tmp
 	touch $@


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