[ClusterLabs] [Q] Check on application layer (kamailio, openhab)

Sebish sebish at sebish.de
Sat Dec 19 11:21:48 EST 2015

Dear all ha-list members,

I am trying to setup two availability checks on application layer using 
heartbeat and pacemaker.
To be more concrete I need 1 resource agent (ra) for openHAB and 1 for 
Kamailio SIP Proxy.

*My setup:

    + Debian 7.9 + Heartbeat + Pacemaker + more
    + 2 Node Cluster with Hot-Standby Failover
    + Active Cluster with clusterip, ip-monitoring, working failover and
    + Copied kamailio ra into /usr/lib/ocf/resource.d/heartbeat, chmod
    755 and 'crm ra list ocf heartbeat' finds it

*The plan:*


    My idea was to let heartbeat check for the availabilty of openHAB's
    website (jettybased) or check if the the process is up and running.

    I did not find a fitting resource agent. Is there a general ra in
    which you would just have to insert the process name 'openhab'?


    My idea was to let an ra send a SIP-request to kamailio and check,
    if it gets an answer AND if it is the correct one.

    It seems like the ra
    does exactly what I want,
    but I do not really understand it. Is it plug and play? Do I have to
    change values inside the code like users, the complete meta-data or

    When I try to insert this agent (no changes) into pacemaker using
    'crm configure primitive kamailio ocf:heartbeat:kamailio' it says:

        lrmadmin[4629]: 2015/12/19_16:11:40 ERROR:
        lrm_get_rsc_type_metadata(578): got a return code HA_FAIL from a
        reply message of rmetadata with function get_ret_from_msg.
        ERROR: ocf:heartbeat:kamailio: could not parse meta-data:
        ERROR: ocf:heartbeat:kamailio: could not parse meta-data:
        ERROR: ocf:heartbeat:kamailio: no such resource agent

*The question:*_

_Maybe you could give me some hints on what to do next. Perhaps one of 
you is even already using the kamailio ra successfully or checking a 
non-apache website?
If I simply have to insert all my cluster data into the kamailio ra, it 
should not throw this error, should it? Could have used a readme for 
this ra though...
If you need any data, I will provide it asap!

**Thanks a lot to all who read this mail!*

ha-newbie, but not noobie ;)
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