[ClusterLabs] Pacemaker documentation license clarification

Ferenc Wagner wferi at niif.hu
Fri Dec 11 11:07:28 EST 2015


We're packaging Pacemaker for Debian and this requires a clear picture
of all licenses relevant to the package.  The software part is clearly
under GPL-2+ and LGPL-2+, which is fine.  However, the "Legal Notice"
section of the generated Publican documentation (for example
Pacemaker_Explained/desktop/en-US/index.html) says that the material may
only be distributed under GFDL-1.2+.  Since there are no invariant
sections, this would be workable (if inconvenient), but I suspect that
this difference might be unintended, just the implicit Publican default
surfacing in the lack of explicit configuration.

Could the authors (preferably the primary author, Andrew Beekhof) please
give a definitive statement about the intended license of the
Clusters_from_Scratch, Pacemaker_Explained and Pacemaker_Remote books?
Thanks in advance,

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