[ClusterLabs] Help required for N+1 redundancy setup

Nikhil Utane nikhil.subscribed at gmail.com
Tue Dec 1 06:31:40 EST 2015


I am evaluating whether it is feasible to use Pacemaker + Corosync to add
support for clustering/redundancy into our product.

Our objectives:
1) Support N+1 redundancy. i,e. N Active and (up to) 1 Standby.
2) Each node has some different configuration parameters.
3) Whenever any active node goes down, the standby node comes up with the
same configuration that the active had.
4) There is no one single process/service for which we need redundancy,
rather it is the entire system (multiple processes running together).
5) I would also want to be notified when any active<->standby state
transition happens as I would want to take some steps at the application

I went through the documents/blogs but all had example for 1 active and 1
standby use-case and that too for some standard service like httpd.

One additional question, If I am having multiple actives, then Virtual IP
configuration cannot be used? Is it possible such that N actives have
different IP addresses but whenever standby becomes active it uses the IP
address of the failed node?

Thanking in advance.
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