[ClusterLabs] wait_for_all in SLES 11

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Thu Aug 27 22:26:34 EDT 2015

Not a SUSE user, so I'm not familiar with what is shipped with SLES 11,
but if it's corosync v2.x, you already have it.

If it's not corosync v2, then you might be interested in how I solved
this problem in RHEL 6 (corosync v1 + cman + rgmanager);
It's perl, but if you're OK with that, it should be fairly easy to port.

Basically, it tries to reach the peer on boot. If it can, it does some
other sanity checks (it expects drbd, cman and rgmanager, hence the need
to port most likely). So long as it can reach the peer, it will start
the cluster. If it can't, it will just sit there. So it's the same idea
as wait_for_all.

It's triggered by an rc3.d script that it will create/remove when called
with --enable/--disable). It expects a file called
/etc/striker/striker.conf and looks for
"tools::safe_anvil_start::enabled = [0|1]", and you can use it with a
skeleton file with just that value in it.

If you're interested in this and if you have any trouble, I'll be happy
to help you adapt it. With luck though, you'll already have corosync v2
and it'll be moot.


On 27/08/15 08:21 PM, Jorge Fábregas wrote:
> Hi,
> Is there a way to recreate the newest Corosync option: wait_for_all in
> SLES 11?  Does anyone (anyone from SUSE?) knows if there any plans to
> backport this into SLES 11?
> I can't say I miss this option (since I'm just starting out in HA) but
> after evaluating many possible situations with fence-loops, that's like
> one of the greatest ideas I've seen.  Disabling autostart of openais
> don't quite make it like the wait_for_all.
> Perhaps I might create a wrapper script around /etc/init.d/openais.
> Thanks,
> Jorge
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