[Pacemaker] Two node cluster and no hardware device for stonith.

Andrea a.bacchi at codices.com
Wed Feb 4 11:40:29 EST 2015

Digimer <lists at ...> writes:

> That fence failed until the network came back makes your fence method 
> less than ideal. Will it eventually fence with the network still failed?
> Most importantly though; Cluster resources blocked while the fence was 
> pending? If so, then your cluster is safe, and that is the most 
> important part.
Hi Digimer

I'm using for fencing a remote NAS, attached via iscsi target.
During network failure, for example on node2, each node try to fence other node.
Fencing action on node1 get success, but on node2 fail, because it can't see
iscsi target(network is down!) .
I thinks it's the reason why node2 doesn't reboot now, because it can't make
operation on key reservation and watchdog can't check for this.
When network come back, watchdog can check for key registration and reboot

For clustered filesystem I planned to use ping resource with location
constraint as described here 
If the node can't see iscsi target..then..stop AppServer, Filesystem ecc

But it doesn't works. In the node with network failure i see in the log that
pingd is set to 0 but Filesystem resource doesn't stop.

I will continue testing...


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