[Pacemaker] Two node cluster and no hardware device for stonith.

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Mon Feb 2 10:53:22 EST 2015

That fence failed until the network came back makes your fence method 
less than ideal. Will it eventually fence with the network still failed?

Most importantly though; Cluster resources blocked while the fence was 
pending? If so, then your cluster is safe, and that is the most 
important part.

On 02/02/15 06:22 AM, Andrea wrote:
> Hi,
> I tryed a network failure and it works.
> During failure, each node try to fence other node.
> When network come back, the node with network problem is fenced and reboot.
> Moreover, the cman kill(cman) on one node, tipically node1 kill(cman) on
> node2, so, I have 2 situations:
> 1) Network failure on node2
> When network come back, node2 is fenced and cman kill (cman) on node2 .
> Watchdog script check for key registration, and reboot node2.
> After reboot cluster come back with 2 nodes up.
> 2) Network failure on node1
> When network come back, node1 is fenced,  and cman kill(cman) on
> node2.(cluster is down!)
> Watchdog script check for key registration, and reboot node1.
> During reboot cluster is offline because node1 is rebooting and cman on node
> 2 was killed.
> After reboot, node1 is up and fence node2. Now, watchdog reboot node2.
> After reboot, cluster come back with 2 nodes up.
> The only "problem" is downtime in  situation 2, but it is acceptable for my
> context.
> I created my fence device with this command:
> [ONE]pcs stonith create scsi fence_scsi pcmk_host_list="serverHA1 serverHA2"
> pcmk_reboot_action="off" meta provides="unfencing" --force
> as described here
> https://access.redhat.com/articles/530533
> If possible, I will test the fence_vmware (without Wachdog script) and i
> will post here my result
> thansk to all
> Andrea
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