[Pacemaker] Fencing dependency between bare metal host and its VMs guest

Andrei Borzenkov arvidjaar at gmail.com
Sat Nov 8 02:52:16 EST 2014

В Fri, 07 Nov 2014 17:46:40 +0100
Daniel Dehennin <daniel.dehennin at baby-gnu.org> пишет:

> Hello,
> As I finally manage to integrate my VM to corosync and my dlm/clvm/GFS2
> are running on it.
> Now I have one issue, when the bare metal host on which the VM is
> running die, the VM is lost and can not be fenced.
> Is there a way to make pacemaker ACK the fencing of the VM running on a
> host when the host is fenced itself?

Yes, you can define multiple stonith agents and priority between them.


> Regards.

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