[Pacemaker] [Problem][pacemaker1.0] The "probe" may not be carried out by difference in cib information of "probe".

renayama19661014 at ybb.ne.jp renayama19661014 at ybb.ne.jp
Wed May 14 19:54:01 EDT 2014

Hi Andrew,

> > It is not necessary at all to revise it for Pacemaker1.0.
> Maybe we need to add KnownIssues.md to the repo for anyone thats slow to update.
> Are there any 1.0 bugs that really really need fixing or shall we move them all to the KnownIssues file?

That's a good idea.
In the user who is behind with a shift to PM1.1, it will help big.

Best Regards,
Hideo Yamachi.

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