[Pacemaker] Pacemaker remote and persistent remote node attributes

Nikita Staroverov nsforth at gmail.com
Fri Mar 7 02:47:59 EST 2014

06.03.2014 23:42, Покотиленко Костик пишет:

> P.S. Some other questions:
> - what are the reliable versions of pacemaker and corosync? Now I use
> pacemaker 1.1.11 and corosync 2.3.0 backported for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
> - what is the preferred cli now? crmsh, pcs or what?
imho, pcs is under heavy development.
> - is pacemaker-mgmt  (pygui) 2.1.2 supposed to work with pacemaker
> 1.1.11 and corosync 2.3.0? I have it installed and enabled (use_mgmtd:
> yes), but it isn't loading with no errors. I had it working with stock
> Ubuntu pacemaker/corosync.
> - is cman a requirement for DRBD+OCFS2 or it can be safely run with
> corosync on Ubuntu/Debian?
cman isn't required for OCFS2.

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