[Pacemaker] Pacemaker remote and persistent remote node attributes

David Vossel dvossel at redhat.com
Thu Mar 6 15:33:01 EST 2014

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> Subject: [Pacemaker] Pacemaker remote and persistent remote node attributes
> Hi, I'm new here.

awesome, welcome :D

> I'm looking for ways of migrating to pacemaker of the current setup
> which is ~10 KVM hypervisors with ~20 VMs each. There are few VM classes
> each running it's set of services. Each service is run on >=2 VMs on
> different HV for balancing. Failover and management is to be added.
> As far as I know there are 3 ways to manage this setup in pacemaker:
> 1. make cluster of VMs, use libvirt fencing, have problems
> 2. make cluster of VMs, make different cluster of HVs, propagate fencing
> from VM cluster to HV cluster to do real fencing of VMs and HVs. Not
> sure how to do this. I've found a solution for XEN from RedHat, but not
> for KVM
> 3. use pacemaker with pacemaker-remote to manage VMs and services on
> both HVs and VMs, have fun

maybe I'm biased, but I like option 3

> Tell me what I missed.
> I research pacemaker-remote option now. It seems to be best, but it
> doesn't support remote node persistent attributes for now (1.1.11).
> With node attributes I can place services by node class and location
> rules in this case are very simple.
> So the question is: are the remote node persistent attributes going to
> be implemented

yes, I plan on doing this for 1.1.12

> or what are the workarounds?

I'm not aware of a good one :/

> P.S. Some other questions:
> - what are the reliable versions of pacemaker and corosync? Now I use
> pacemaker 1.1.11 and corosync 2.3.0 backported for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
> - what is the preferred cli now? crmsh, pcs or what?

Ha, that's a loaded question.  pcs is gaining a lot of traction and it is what I use exclusively now.

> - is pacemaker-mgmt  (pygui) 2.1.2 supposed to work with pacemaker
> 1.1.11 and corosync 2.3.0? I have it installed and enabled (use_mgmtd:
> yes), but it isn't loading with no errors. I had it working with stock
> Ubuntu pacemaker/corosync.
> - is cman a requirement for DRBD+OCFS2 or it can be safely run with
> corosync on Ubuntu/Debian?

I don't use debian, someone else would have to give their input.

Good Luck! I'm interested to hear how your setup goes.

-- Vossel

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