[Pacemaker] cold-start to standby?

Nikita Staroverov nsforth at gmail.com
Sun Mar 2 23:17:30 EST 2014

01.03.2014 09:14, Matthew O'Connor wrotes:
> Hi,
> I have had a few instances recently where circumstances conspired to
> bring my cluster down completely and most non-gracefully (and this was
> in spite of a relatively new 10kVA UPS).  When bringing the nodes back
> online, it would be enormously useful to me if they would go
> automatically into standby when starting from an unknown state; that is,
> when starting up with the realization that no active state exists (since
> all the other nodes are down as well).
> Is this possible in any of the current releases?
> Thanks!!
> -- Matthew
You can also do this  with native pacemaker commands.

# standby permanently
crm_attribute --node NODENAME --name standby --update on -l forever
# standby until reboot
crm_attribute --node NODENAME --name standby --update off -l reboot

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