[Pacemaker] ordering cloned resources

Alexandre alxgomz at gmail.com
Sun Mar 2 11:56:34 EST 2014


I am setting up a cluster on debian wheezy.
I have installed pacemaker using the debian provided packages (so am
runing  1.1.7-ee0730e13d124c3d58f00016c3376a1de5323cff).

I have roughly 10 nodes, among which some nodes are acting as SAN
(exporting block devices using AoE protocol) and others nodes acting
as initiators (they are actually mail servers, storing emails on the
exported devices).
Bellow are the defined resources for those nodes:

xml <primitive class="ocf" id="pri_aoe1" provider="heartbeat"
type="AoEtarget"> \
        <instance_attributes id="pri_aoe1.1-instance_attributes"> \
                <rule id="node-sanaoe01" score="1"> \
                        <expression attribute="#uname"
id="expr-node-sanaoe01" operation="eq" value="sanaoe01"/> \
                </rule> \
                <nvpair id="pri_aoe1.1-instance_attributes-device"
name="device" value="/dev/xvdb"/> \
                <nvpair id="pri_aoe1.1-instance_attributes-nic"
name="nic" value="eth0"/> \
                <nvpair id="pri_aoe1.1-instance_attributes-shelf"
name="shelf" value="1"/> \
                <nvpair id="pri_aoe1.1-instance_attributes-slot"
name="slot" value="1"/> \
        </instance_attributes> \
        <instance_attributes id="pri_aoe2.1-instance_attributes"> \
                <rule id="node-sanaoe02" score="2"> \
                        <expression attribute="#uname"
id="expr-node-sanaoe2" operation="eq" value="sanaoe02"/> \
                </rule> \
                <nvpair id="pri_aoe2.1-instance_attributes-device"
name="device" value="/dev/xvdb"/> \
                <nvpair id="pri_aoe2.1-instance_attributes-nic"
name="nic" value="eth1"/> \
                <nvpair id="pri_aoe2.1-instance_attributes-shelf"
name="shelf" value="2"/> \
                <nvpair id="pri_aoe2.1-instance_attributes-slot"
name="slot" value="1"/> \
        </instance_attributes> \
primitive pri_dovecot lsb:dovecot \
        op start interval="0" timeout="20" \
        op stop interval="0" timeout="30" \
        op monitor interval="5" timeout="10"
primitive pri_spamassassin lsb:spamassassin \
        op start interval="0" timeout="50" \
        op stop interval="0" timeout="60" \
        op monitor interval="5" timeout="20"
group grp_aoe pri_aoe1
group grp_mailstore pri_dlm pri_clvmd pri_spamassassin pri_dovecot
clone cln_mailstore grp_mailstore \
        meta ordered="false" interleave="true" clone-max="2"
clone cln_san grp_aoe \
        meta ordered="true" interleave="true" clone-max="2"

As I am in an "opt-in cluster" mode (symmetric-cluster="false"), I
have the location constraints bellow for those hosts:

location LOC_AOE_ETHERD_1 cln_san inf: sanaoe01
location LOC_AOE_ETHERD_2 cln_san inf: sanaoe02
location LOC_MAIL_STORE_1 cln_mailstore inf: ms01
location LOC_MAIL_STORE_2 cln_mailstore inf: ms02

So far so good. I want to make sure the initiators won't try to search
for exported devices before the targets actually exported them. To do
so, I though I could use the following ordering constraint:

order ORD_SAN_MAILSTORE inf: cln_san cln_mailstore

Unfortunately if I add this constraint the clone Set "cln_mailstore"
never starts (or even stops if started when I add the constraint).

Is there something wrong with this ordering rule?
Where can i find informations on what's going on?

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