[Pacemaker] best Way to build a 2 Node Cluster with cold Standby ?

Hauke Bruno Wollentin Hauke-Bruno.Wollentin at innovo-cloud.de
Fri Dec 12 03:22:51 EST 2014

Hi Hauke,

personally I won't use DRBD for a case like that because of the _missing_ 
replication here.

Imho your idea will work, but it would be easier to manage to use some kind of 
file synchronisation like rsync, unison etc. when the cold standby node comes 


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> Hello,
> I want to build a 2 Node KVM Cluster with the folling Features:
> 1 Node ist the Primary Node for some Virtual Machines with Linux, and 1
> Node i want to install as second KVM Server too. With the same virtual
> Machines in DRBD Devices. I want to boot the second Node every 2 Weeks
> to sync the Datta and then to shutdown. So i want to have in fail of the
> first Node a Backup Server.
> What the Best Way to do this? I think i install both Nodes with the DRBD
> and switch the Primary to Master, the second Machine to the DRBD Slave.
> Does the DRBD become problems when i shutdown the slave Device for so a
> long time?
> greetings
> Hauke
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