[Pacemaker] best Way to build a 2 Node Cluster with cold Standby ?

Hauke Homburg hhomburg at w3-creative.de
Wed Dec 10 15:17:31 EST 2014


I want to build a 2 Node KVM Cluster with the folling Features:

1 Node ist the Primary Node for some Virtual Machines with Linux, and 1 
Node i want to install as second KVM Server too. With the same virtual 
Machines in DRBD Devices. I want to boot the second Node every 2 Weeks 
to sync the Datta and then to shutdown. So i want to have in fail of the 
first Node a Backup Server.

What the Best Way to do this? I think i install both Nodes with the DRBD 
and switch the Primary to Master, the second Machine to the DRBD Slave.
Does the DRBD become problems when i shutdown the slave Device for so a 
long time?



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