[Pacemaker] Node stuck in pending state

Michael Monette mmonette at 2keys.ca
Wed Apr 9 13:38:53 EDT 2014

Sorry if I was rude towards you. I just feel like I see this sort of thing a lot(other lists) and I guess this time I wanted to just say something.. I wish I could have helped him myself. 


On April 9, 2014 1:34:42 PM EDT, Digimer <lists at alteeve.ca> wrote:
>On 09/04/14 01:09 PM, Michael Monette wrote:
>> Maybe he's looking for a reason as to why his stonith is failing. You
>> are basically just repeating to him his stonith is failing...and he
>> already knows because it says so like 20 times in the logs he posted.
>> You got too caught up on giving him how to post in mailing list
>> tutorials to actually try and help him..if this stonith was failing
>> you..what would your next move be?
>You'll notice I replied to the original message before the double-post.
>So my comments to Gene on threading are unrelated.
>I went no further than pointing out the fence failure because I wanted 
>to see how Gene replied. If, as was the case, he had no experience with
>fencing, then my reply would be longer and more detailed, as it was. If
>however, he understood the roll of fencing and just missed the error 
>messages, then I wouldn't need to write so much.
>Now please relax, getting worked up over things like this is bad for 
>your health. :)
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