[Pacemaker] Node stuck in pending state

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Wed Apr 9 13:34:42 EDT 2014

On 09/04/14 01:09 PM, Michael Monette wrote:
> Maybe he's looking for a reason as to why his stonith is failing. You
> are basically just repeating to him his stonith is failing...and he
> already knows because it says so like 20 times in the logs he posted.
> You got too caught up on giving him how to post in mailing list
> tutorials to actually try and help him..if this stonith was failing for
> you..what would your next move be?

You'll notice I replied to the original message before the double-post. 
So my comments to Gene on threading are unrelated.

I went no further than pointing out the fence failure because I wanted 
to see how Gene replied. If, as was the case, he had no experience with 
fencing, then my reply would be longer and more detailed, as it was. If 
however, he understood the roll of fencing and just missed the error 
messages, then I wouldn't need to write so much.

Now please relax, getting worked up over things like this is bad for 
your health. :)

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