[Pacemaker] newbie question(s)

Nick Khamis symack at gmail.com
Fri May 24 09:36:21 EDT 2013

+1 for quorum in 2 node = pointless. Sorry to chime in here however, I
could not help the "noob question" subject line since
I have a kind of noob question myself.

Have not setup a OpenAIS + pacemaker/corosync environment for a while. I
was wondering with the latest versions, and please
include them here if you can Florian, can we do an active/active OCFS2 +
fs/dlm without
the cman pleasantries. We are looking to put something together but don't
wan't to use cman for certain things and pacemaker for other. This will be
strictly and active/active using OpenAIS and pacemaker. Has that been
decoupled, stable and sorted out?

Kind Regards,

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