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Le 24/05/2013 04:15, Alex Samad - Yieldbroker a écrit :
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>> You could also wait for a failover where the VIP or (any resource) will fail to
>> properly stop, the cluster doesn't know what do to on stop-failures (beside
>> fencing), it freezes in this weird state => you have two slaves on your
>> network until an admin fixes it.
> True, what would you use for quorum (it's a 2 node cluster)?

I never used quorum on any 2 nodes cluster, by definition it makes no 
sense, so I always used no-quorum-policy=ignore.

If you really want quorum, you need a third player, either a dedicated 
quorum pseudo-node (don't know much about these) or a third node.

Hope it helps...

Florian Crouzat

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