[Pacemaker] Frequent SBD triggered server reboots

emmanuel segura emi2fast at gmail.com
Fri May 3 03:52:19 EDT 2013

Hello Andrea

When you use multipath -v3 look this parameters
fast_io_fail_tmo,dev_loss_tmo maybe your watchdog timeout is too low and
you took for more the 10 seconds


2013/5/3 andrea cuozzo <andrea.cuozzo at sysma.it>

> Thanks Emmanuel,
> using the -v3 switch I can see that multipath is querying my local /dev/sda
> disk too, which is unneded, so I blacklisted /dev/sda in multipath.conf and
> reloaded multipath; it migh not be related to my problem but it was a
> mistake indeed. Thanks. My vision on all the timouts involved in my
> scenario
> is:
> - each hba has 1 second (qlport_down_retry=1 ) to manage a port down event
> and report upwards
> - multipathd has at most 5 seconds (polling_interval  5) to notice for path
> failures and do its job
> - sbd attempts to read its partition each second (Timeout (loop) :1) and
> has
> 10 seconds (timeout (watchdog):10 ) before the watchdog reboots the server
> (I'm assuming SBD doesn't feed the watchdog unless the reading attempt is
> succesfull).
> I can see this working as expected using the multipathd -k interactive
> console to fail and reinstate paths, and reading the relative multipathd
> messages on the syslog about path lost and reinstated, What makes me think
> my problem might not be multipath related is that there's no sign of port
> down or path lost messages in the syslog when the problem happens, there's
> just the sbd delay countdown.
> andrea
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> if you think your problems are related to multipath timeout, try to use
> multipath -v3 and look well the sbd timeout
> Thanks
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