[Pacemaker] Shutdown of pacemaker service takes 20 minutes

Johan Huysmans johan.huysmans at inuits.be
Thu May 30 07:57:24 EDT 2013

Hi all,

When I shutdown my running pacemaker with the init script it takes 20 
minutes before it is really stopped.

The logs shows that there is some timer:
May 30 11:08:41 CSE-1 crmd[4653]:   notice: crm_shutdown: Requesting 
shutdown, upper limit is 1200000ms
May 30 11:28:41 CSE-1 crmd[4653]:    error: crm_timer_popped: Shutdown 
Escalation (I_STOP) just popped in state S_IDLE! (1200000ms)
May 30 11:28:41 CSE-1 crmd[4653]:    error: do_log: FSA: Input I_STOP 
from crm_timer_popped() received in state S_IDLE

Something others in the logs show me:
May 30 11:26:56 CSE-1 pengine[4652]:     crit: stage8: Cannot shut down 
node 'CSE-1' because of d_tomcat:0: unmanaged failed

What I can learn from this is that the shutdown hangs for max 20 minutes 
whenever a resource is in the state unmanaged.
However my resource gets into this unmanaged state after the shutdown 

When my resource has received the stop command, it will stop, but this 
takes some time.
When the status is monitored during shutdown of the resource this will 
fail, as the resource is configured as on-fail="block",
the resource is set to unmanaged.

Is this a bug? or can I workaround this issue?

Johan Huysmans

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