[Pacemaker] trouble with rebuilding pacemaker rpm package for CentOS

Халезов Иван i.khalezov at rts.ru
Wed May 22 11:04:52 EDT 2013

Hello everyone!

I decided to update my pacemaker installation to the lastest version in 
CentOS 6.4 repository.

For some reasons we need to use corosync 2.3 in our system. So i had to 
rebuilt pacemaker with corosync 2.3 support. I took 
pacemaker-1.1.8-7.el6.src.rpm package from CentOS vault repository, and 
tried to rebuilt it at my system:

rpmbuild --rebuild pacemaker-1.1.8-7.el6.src.rpm --with snmp --with 
profiling --without doc --without cman

It built well, but at the end, during packing files into rpm package, I 
got an error:

File not found: 

I can avoid this error, removing a string 
"%{_libexecdir}/lcrso/pacemaker.lcrso"  from spec-file file section. 
(then rpmbuild would not try to pack this file to rpm-package)

Can anybody tell me  is this file really needed for pacemaker?
If yes, what shell I do with this error?

Thank you in advance!

Ivan Khalezov.

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