[Pacemaker] pacemaker + cLVM on Ubuntu Precise (12.04)?

Sven Arnold sven.arnold at localite.de
Tue Mar 19 06:09:03 EDT 2013

Hi Matthew,

thank you for sharing your experience!

Indeed, I encountered some of the obstacles you mentioned. I considered 
switching to another distro, but would prefer to stay with what I use 
regulary in most of our VMs and my desktop.

FYI, I am interested in building a small cluster consisting of a shared 
storage that provides volumes for some virtual machines. High 
availability is not my main goal - I am most interested in 
reducing/avoiding downtimes for maintenance work (to save me some sleep ;-).

 From my current POV I do not need a clustered LVM for this but can do 
it with a non clustered volume group on an active/passive drbd cluster 
and just export volumes via iSCSI for my virtual machines. I am a bit 
curious how well it will work to add/remove iSCSI LUNs on a running cluster.

Initially I thought it would be more flexible/beautiful and less error 
prone if I would use a clustered volume manager but now I tend to choose 
the path of the slightest complexity and therefore dismiss clustered 
volumes and active/active DRBD.

I will find out if the approach is feasible when the hardware arrives...

Thank you and best regards,


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