[Pacemaker] pacemaker + cLVM on Ubuntu Precise (12.04)?

Matthew O'Connor matt at ecsorl.com
Sun Mar 17 21:37:17 EDT 2013

Hi Sven,

Actually I have a little experience.  Overall, once I got it working, it
worked well.  I have a two node cluster running 12.04 with OCFS2 over
DRBD, and have connected it previously to iSCSI targets.  Before it took
on OCFS2, it was running GFS2 over DRBD, for which CLVM is necessary. 

The trick with the Ubuntu 12.04 environment is that it seems slightly
broken in many subtle ways.  I have run across instances where certain
key scripts or binaries were not where they were expected to be (in
/usr/sbin instead of /sbin), and where init.d scripts appear correct but
are in fact broken (such as the cman init.d script while trying to start
gfs2).  But, if you get past the little issues and test it thoroughly,
it ought to work fairly well.  Be careful of some of the Ubuntu 12.04
cluster guides (especially the one on Ubuntu's wiki)...I've found that
they work up until you want to do things like shut down a node in the
cluster, at which point the provided configuration breaks.

I hope this helps!
-- Matthew

On 02/15/2013 07:21 AM, Sven Arnold wrote:
> Dear all,
> apologies if this is the wrong list. I posted this question on
> linux-ha but did not receive a response yet.
> I would appreciate it very much if somebody would share his
> experiences with ubuntu packages of pacemaker in combination with clvm
> (possibly on top of iSCSI)
> Thanks a lot,
> Sven
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> Dear all,
> I am new to this list and considering setting up a cluster environment
> on Precise. This would involve pacemaker + corosync + clvm.
> However, in the archives of this list[1] and on the net I found this
> notice:
> "Note that LVM guide is not there yet cause it's implementation is a bit
> buggy and we are waiting for some fixes to land into the archive."
> Is this still true and is it not recommended to use above combination on
> Ubuntu? I did find the information which (critical) bugs exists in this
> context.
> On a side note: Do I understand it right that I have to use cman also if
> I go with the Ubuntu packages?
> Thanks a lot and best regards,
> Sven
> [1] https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ha/msg01800.html
> [2] http://blog.init.hr/?p=186 - Ubuntu 12.04 HA Infrastructure
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