[Pacemaker] Linking lob/cib and lib/pengine to each other?

Viacheslav Dubrovskyi dubrsl at gmail.com
Sat Mar 23 02:27:40 EDT 2013


I'm building a package for my distributive. Everything is built, but the
package does not pass our internal tests. I get errors like this:
verify-elf: ERROR: ./usr/lib/libpe_status.so.4.1.0: undefined symbol:

It mean, that libpe_status.so not linked with libcib.so where defined
get_object_root. I can easy fix it adding
libpe_status_la_LIBADD  =  $(top_builddir)/lib/cib/libcib.la
in lib/pengine/Makefile.am

But for this I need build libcib before lib/pengine. And it's impossible
too, because libcib used symbols from lib/pengine. So we have situation,
when two library must be linked to each other.

And this is very bad because then the in fact it should be one library.
Or symbols should be put in a third library, such as common.

Can anyone comment on this situation?

Viacheslav Dubrovskyi

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