[Pacemaker] IPaddr2 & lvs_support=true

Luis Daniel Lucio Quiroz luis.daniel.lucio at gmail.com
Sat Mar 23 01:33:11 EDT 2013


as my understanding, when you place lvs_support=true, it means that on
passive server there will be something like

lo:0  <cluster ip>/32

the cluster IP will be placed on loopback.

how ever, i can not make this to work.

here it is my primitive definition

primitive HostedPBX ocf:heartbeat:IPaddr2 \
        params ip="xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx" nic="eth0.144" cidr_netmask="29"
lvs_support="true" flush_routes="true" iflabel="as" \
        op monitor interval="10s"

Am I missing something?  Please not that failover with cluster IP
works perfectly, it is only the passive server issue.



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