[Pacemaker] Critical: Issues in Pacemaker 1.1.8

Parshvi parshvi.17 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 7 01:46:45 EST 2013

I request the owners to please look into Bug 5129 filed on bugzilla.
I would request you all to please provide some help immediately.
There are logs of:

Jan 07 09:30:45 [5491] CSS-FU-2 attrd: notice: attrd_perform_update: 
Sent update -70: last-failure-Mongod1=1357456153
Jan 07 09:30:45 [5491] CSS-FU-2 attrd: warning: attrd_cib_callback: 
Update last-failure-
Mongod1=1357456153 failed: Communication error on send

Jan 07 09:33:44 [5487] CSS-FU-2 cib: crit: crm_ipcs_send:
 Event 15797 failed, size=3633, to=0x2961d40[32064], 
queue=25, rc=-11: <notify t="cib_notify" 
subt="cib_diff_notify" cib_op="cib_apply_diff" cib_rc="0"
why this - "Communication error on send" 

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