[Pacemaker] Manual fence confirmation by stonith_admin doesn't work again.

Nikita Staroverov nsforth at gmail.com
Thu Dec 19 02:54:31 EST 2013

> Please see:
> https://access.redhat.com/site/articles/36302
> If you don't have an account, the relevant part is:
> "Usage of fence_manual is not supported in any production cluster. You 
> may use this fence agent for development or debugging purposes only."

I wrote about fence_ack_manual, not about fence_manual. fence_ack_manual 
isn't a fence agent, it's confirmation tool like stonith_admin -C.
>> 2. Pacemaker notifies CMAN about  real fencing, why not about manual
>> confirmations? It's bug, i'm sure.
> Perhaps, I can't speak to pacemaker's behaviour.
Ok. I'll think that it's not a bug, but feature request.
>> 3. I use real fencing. Manual fencing needed in rare situations, like
>> problem with IPMI controller, lost power or so. What should
>> administrator do without manual confirmations? :)
> Fencing should loop until it succeeds. Fix the problem, 
> fence_ack_manual if that's not possible or, ideally, use multiple 
> fence methods (I use IPMI on one switch and switched PDUs on another 
> switch for redundancy).
I have two datacenters joined with fast links, i have syncronous 
replication so server groups in two separate datacenters forms clusters.
if one campus burned with own fencing devices in a whole how i must fix 
In some situations administrator needs of simple and fast manual 
confirmation or it's not a high availability.

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