[Pacemaker] Pacemaker 1.1.10 and pacemaker-remote

Lars Marowsky-Bree lmb at suse.com
Thu Dec 5 14:51:01 EST 2013

On 2013-12-05T10:10:08, James Oakley <jfunk at funktronics.ca> wrote:

> That's why I used crm_resource to add it. If I dump the config with cibadmin, it looks consistent with the example here:
> http://clusterlabs.org/doc/en-US/Pacemaker/1.1/html-single/Pacemaker_Remote/#_mile_high_view_of_configuration_steps

Right, the pacemaker version on 13.1 already supports pacemaker-remote.

> However, the nodes do not show up in crm status output as in the examples in the documentation. I also tried creating a resource to run on a remote node, but it said the node didn't exist.

Right. Do they show up in crm_mon?

> Oh yes, I plan to use whatever is provided/recommend by SuSE, as I
> always have. I am just confused why pacemaker-remote is provided if it
> only works with pcs, which is not. However, it looks like it's not
> even a crm vs pcs thing, but a problem with Pacemaker itself as
> provided.

With pcs and crmsh, users now have the choice of two shells - and not
both of them always support all features of pacemaker in exactly the
same way, or at all. (There's some constraint parts that crmsh still
handles better, and the history explorer, for example.)

We already provide pacemaker-remote as part of the main distribution
because it can be used independently from crmsh.

Since RHT is heavily focused on pcs and pacemaker-remote, it makes sense
that that combo is the first to support both. We were waiting for it to
be fully stable a little bit longer ;-) But it's also on the roadmap for
crmsh. Kristoffer was busy with other features recently though.

You can try upgrading to the packages from
networking:ha-clustering:Factory from the openSUSE Build Service, which
are more uptodate than 13.1 already.

We also have a very quiet opensuse-ha mailing list for issues specific
to packaging on openSUSE: http://lists.opensuse.org/opensuse-ha/ feel
free to raise this over there too.


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