[Pacemaker] advanced clone operation serialization and requirements

Brad Jorgensen bjorgensen at sydcon.com
Tue Aug 20 13:04:30 EDT 2013

I'm using pacemaker (version 1.1.9-1512.el6-2a917dd with the cman stack) and
I want to add my MySQL cluster (actually MariaDB galera cluster) as a
managed resource.

The problem I have is that the MySQL nodes must connect to an already
established cluster.  This means that at least one node must be up in order
for others to join.  The first node must bootstrap the cluster so it creates
a new cluster to which other nodes connect.  If multiple servers bootstrap a
cluster, they create their own cluster, which creates split brains.

I'd like pacemaker to block the resource on a monitor fail if no other
clones are running but restart if at least one other clone is running.  It
would be even better if pacemaker could bootstrap one server if all of the
clones are down.  

Writing this out, I'm realizing how different this is from normal pacemaker
functionality and I'm less sure that there is an easy solution.  I am going
to look into modifying the ocf scripts to implement this functionality, too.
 Does anyone know if what I'm looking for is possible?

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