[Pacemaker] Upgrading a master salve resource agent, Maintenance best practices

David Vossel dvossel at redhat.com
Mon Nov 19 13:55:28 EST 2012

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> Subject: [Pacemaker] Upgrading a master salve resource agent,	Maintenance best practices
> We need to change a parameter in our Postgres Master Slave resource.
> Unfortunately the version of the resource agent we are running does
> not support a reload action. As a consequence Pacemaker wants to
> restart the resource. This is not acceptable as it will try to
> demote the master as well as restart the slave.

I do not have much experience managing pacemaker deployments, but this is what I would try.

Set the resource option, is-managed, to false. 


Go in and make whatever changes you need to make to both the cib and the active resource. After you are done, set the resource's is-managed option back to true, or remove it from the config entirely since the default is true.

Alternatively you could set the entire cluster in maintenance mode by setting the cluster option, maintenance-mode, to true. This will automatically make all the resources un-managed until maintenance mode is turned off again.

Hope that helps.

-- Vossel

> Are there any methods to upgrade a resource agent in this type of
> situation without necessitating a restart?
> More broadly what tools or documentation should we look towards for
> these types of surgical maintenance operations on our pacemaker
> clusters?
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