[Pacemaker] Custom event script during master/slave failover?

Cal Heldenbrand cal at fbsdata.com
Fri Nov 9 17:29:05 EST 2012

Hi everyone,

I'm playing around with the possibility of using Pacemaker in a Redis
master/slave cluster.  The difficult part of this, is that Redis will not
automatically flip itself from read-only slave mode into master mode.  A
client needs to connect to the slave server and run this SLAVEOF NO
ONE<http://redis.io/commands/slaveof>command to turn it into a master.

If I set up a master/slave primitive, is it possible to fire an event
script during a failover event that would allow me to do this?

After the stonith event fires and the broken master reboots, I would write
in something special in the Redis init.d script to detect if my peer is
already a master, and start up in slave mode.

Has anyone else worked up a cluster config with Redis?

Thank you,

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