[Pacemaker] How to flush the arp cache of a router?

georg at riseup.net georg at riseup.net
Thu Jan 26 19:34:37 EST 2012

> You should be able to run any script you want using a lsb RA.
> Just make sure to write your init script to be LSB compliant:
> http://www.clusterlabs.org/doc/en-US/Pacemaker/1.0/html/Pacemaker_Explained/ap-lsb.html
> and this should work.

Yes, I tried this already. This worked for me once with route -add net.
However, in this case it doesn't or I'm missing something.

I pasted my script to [1].
I pasted my errors to [2].

Any ideas?


[1] http://dpaste.de/6rOFj/
[2] http://dpaste.de/J68Pb/

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