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Dejan Muhamedagic dejanmm at fastmail.fm
Tue Jan 24 17:41:11 EST 2012


On Tue, Jan 24, 2012 at 03:57:05PM +0000, Stallmann, Andreas wrote:
> Hi there,
> thanks for all your suggestions. The problem, as we figured out
> (with your help!) was (and somehow still is), that the mysql
> monitoring with the test_user and test_passwd does not work. If
> you omit those parameters, the monitoring works and so does the
> resource.  It seems, that the script does an initial check on
> the database (tries to select from a mysql table), before the
> database is actually started. This (naturally) fails (because
> you can't select from any database before the DMB is up, right.
> But that's just a wild guess.

The start action ends in a monitor loop, so it'll wait until the
database is up. Anyway, the error crm_mon reported was
OCF_ERR_INSTALLED (exit code 5). Though it is very surprising
that the RA works from the command line. I guess that the
configuration is not exactly the same as the one in the cluster.
You should really check the logs (messages from mysql or lrmd).
If you have a newer version of the crm shell, it can dig the logs
out for you if you do, say, "crm history resource <myrscname>".



> Anyway, the resource script works (as long as one omits the extensive alive-check), and that's something good (I think).
> Thank you all,
> Andreas
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