[Pacemaker] Failed actions: ...not installed

Stallmann, Andreas AStallmann at CONET.DE
Tue Jan 24 10:57:05 EST 2012

Hi there,

thanks for all your suggestions. The problem, as we figured out (with your help!) was (and somehow still is), that the mysql monitoring with the test_user and test_passwd does not work. If you omit those parameters, the monitoring works and so does the resource.  It seems, that the script does an initial check on the database (tries to select from a mysql table), before the database is actually started. This (naturally) fails (because you can't select from any database before the DMB is up, right. But that's just a wild guess.

Anyway, the resource script works (as long as one omits the extensive alive-check), and that's something good (I think).

Thank you all,


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